Team & Services







The team

We assemble the right team to meet the requirements of each production


In Portugal you will find knowledgable technicians and a committed and self motivated team of young professionals, leaded by experienced executive producers, with a remarkable team spirit and a real understanding of your needs.
We will keep in contact with you prior to your arrival, providing online scout information and results, we will be at your side while the production evolves and we will keep in touch later on, sending you detailed financial reports.

Our services

We provide production services in the sunny Portugal, one of the most enjoyable countries in the world and a photo and film shooting “paradise”.


Working with the right partners and facility providers, our team will find the solutions to deliver what you need, on time and budget, to make your project a success.

We will take care of:

  • Location scouting
  • Production budgeting and planning
  • Security, Insurance and permits
  • Equipment and studio contracts
  • Shooting crew, casting and talent
  • Airline tickets and accommodation
  • Catering and ground transportation